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5 Bad Habits That Are Destroying Your Body and Mind Right Now!

Written By OLUSEYE AJAYI on Thursday, April 18, 2013 | 2:35 PM

We all know that following good habits are important in life. We all want to live a healthy life and we all want to look and feel our very best. In today’s society there is so much information out there on what is good for us and what is bad. Between all the information we read in magazines, hear on the news and watch on TV it’s enough to make our heads spin with confusion.

In this article I will discuss the “5 Bad Habits That Are Destroying Your Body and Mind Right Now!” If you can eliminate these habits you will see that you will not only become healthier physically but mentally as well.

#1 Prescription and Nonprescription Drugs:

In the United States there are more deaths from prescription and non-prescription drugs than heart disease and cancer put together. We have become a society of pill poppers. If we have pain we take a painkillers, If we have high blood pressure, we take blood pressure pills.

 The truth is these pills do not cure our problems, they only treat our symptoms. When we form bad habits and allow ourselves to live on this so called medication day in day out we cause our bodies to become a toxic pool of disease. This will lead to more health problems in the future. Learn to try alternative medicine like herbal teas and eating fresh fruits as I always say “Gods food is our best defense against sickness”.

#2 Alcohol:

Even that social drink every once in a while is having its effect on your body without you even knowing it. Alcohol is terrible for the body and is known to be the number one cause or deterioration to the body and mind.
Alcohol goes into our blood stream and disturbs our whole system. It ages us and destroys our liver which in turn destroys us. Learn to live without alcohol it’s a terrible habit and downfall for many.

#3 Smoking: (Specifically Cigarettes)

I can’t express this enough. Smoking cigarettes is beyond a horrible habit. Cigarettes contain more deadly chemicals than you can imagine.
They destroy our bodies and minds with chemical poisons that travel not only to our lungs but to our blood and brain.
Learn how to go without it. The first week will be difficult but your will and desire to live a better life is stronger than that little cigarette.

#4 Fast Food:

You could be eating some right now or had some already today. Fast Food is complete garbage and so are the beverages. You have to understand that fast food is a huge business that makes their profits on selling you a cheap product that tastes good so you keep coming back for more, after all how can a hamburger made with quality meat sell for less than 99 cents?
I’ll tell you, it’s manufactured, it’s processed and it’s just no good period! The world has become prisoners to fast food we want food that taste good and we want it to be cheap and easy to get. You know as well as I do that eating this trash will not only make you unhealthy it will make you fat! maybe not today but it will catch up to you.

This type of food also has no nutrition value so it leaves your body wanting more. Learn to pack your lunch for work and get up a little earlier and enjoy a healthy home cooked breakfast and a home cooked dinner. After all that’s what they did back in the day!

#5 White Sugar:

This is something that is in everything we eat and drink. White sugar or as I like to call it “White Waste” is the leading cause of obesity in the United States and in many other countries.
White sugar is found in almost everything we eat and drink, its sweet, it tastes good and it’s also completely fake!
After all how can anything from the earth be bright white? It’s processed and almost entirely man made. White sugar totally destroys us causes Type 2 diabetes and blindness. It also causes pancreatic cancer and is just plan no good!Learn to get your sugar from fresh fruits and natural honey. They also make a more natural sugar called “sugar in the raw” or “natural sugar cane”.

Well there you have it! “5 Bad Habits That Are Destroying Your Body and Mind Right Now!”
I can almost guarantee you have at least one of these “Bad Habits to Break”. Learn to create healthy habits in your life you will not only be saving your health but you will be educating the health of your children, family members, friends and coworkers. Together we can save the world!
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