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How to Firm Up Sagging Breasts, Naturally, Without Surgery

Written By OLUSEYE AJAYI on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 | 9:00 AM

How to Firm Up Sagging Breasts, Naturally, Without Surgery
The breasts usually do not remain the same as women grow old! It doesn’t matter how old you are, that statement is still going to be true. Getting pregnant, gaining weight (sometimes repeatedly), breastfeeding or simply getting older, the breasts loose the perkiness of youth and begin to sag.

Fortunately, there is a solution to help firm up and “un-droop” your sagging breasts, naturally, without surgery, or cutting open your skin.
Granted, these techniques won’t work as well as surgery, and nothing you do, even expensive surgery, will ever give you back the breast you had when you were 18, but these exercises have been proven to help boost confidence and the breast, and help firm up sagging breasts naturally.
Push-ups: These are not the easiest exercise to do, but are very effective when your aim is to firm up your sagging breasts without surgery. They will build up the muscles behind the breast tissue, giving your breast a bit of boost forward as the muscle tones and enlarges. You can either do the standard push-up in which you simply flop down on your belly and push yourself right back up into the air with your arms or do the modified push-up in which the knees are bent and only the upper portion of the body comes off the floor. Start with as many push-ups as you can comfortably do and gradually increase the amount in each session. Do this at least 3 times a week, and watch your breasts perk up nicely.
Free weight lifting: This is an easier way to perk up sagging breasts naturally. It builds a slightly different muscle in the breast area of the chest, behind the breasts, and will help keep the breasts from ‘slipping off’ to the side when you lay down. Recline on your back on an exercise bench and take 2 free weights or dumbbells, then stand with the dumbbells, one in each hand, hanging at your side and then lift them up like you’re a bird trying to flap his wings. Do at least 3 repetitions of 10. Start with weights in the size you are comfortable with, and then gradually increase the size of the weight as your strength gradually increases.
Bench press with light weight: This is especially effective when you are slightly inclined, because the angle, when you lift straight up, helps target the right muscle in you chest to push your breast forward. Use as much weight as you are comfortable lifting, bring the bar of the weights down to your chest, and then lift and repeat, you can then gradually increase the size of the weight as your strength increases. It is an effective way to perk up the breasts naturally.
Arm resistance exercises:  This is about the easiest way to firm-up your breast and the ease with which it can be done does not make it less effective. Take both arms in front of you, make a prayer pose, bringing both arms together, flat palms touching. Press your palms together as hard as you can and you should feel the muscles in the breast area contract. That’s the muscle you want to work to help firm up sagging breasts. Using exercise bands, an exercise bar with resistance, or simply your own arms and hands, press your hands together and apart several times while triggering these muscles. You can also pull your arms apart against resistance for the same effect.
Arm circles: Yes, this is the same arm circles you did when you were a kid; it is a very effective technique to firm sagging breasts naturally. It lifts the breast by strengthening the underlying muscles of the breasts. Repetition of forward and backward arm circles, done regularly may help the overall look of the breasts and increase their lift. Perform 3 repetitions of 10 arm circles everyday for optimum results.
Practice proper posture: When you are standing straight, belly in, chest out, the breasts will appear firmer and perkier than when you slouch and exhibit poor posture. Proper posture makes the breast look higher and firmer. Proper posture also help you take the body weight off your back; this is very beneficial to your overall health, especially as you get older.
Yoga: Yoga is an exercise to strengthen the entire body and tone all areas. Yoga requires the body to be focused and helps with posture too. Perform yoga exercises that focus on the breasts and upper arm to help firm up your breast naturally.
These exercises work to strengthen and enlarge the muscle behind your breasts, which will then push forward the breast tissues, making your breast appear larger and less droopy. 
The muscle building techniques won’t really increase your breast size, neither will it change the texture or feel of your breast much but with these exercises, you can reduce the appearance of breast sagginess, perk up your breast, and save you the cost and pain of surgery.
You should also know that, even with surgery, if you don’t take care of your breasts and do these exercises, eventually, your hard money and the pain you went through during surgery will come to naught as your breast will sag again! Besides, surgeries to perk up the breasts may also affect the sensitivity of the nipples.
Others ways to firm your breast without surgery includes wearing a good supportive bra (especially sport bras), which can do the same work as the exercise, as well as wearing flattering clothing, stop smoking and also try to keep your weight stable.
One other thing you can try is to help the elasticity of your skin nutritionally. Maybe that would help those ligaments to stay in top fit and to prevent further drooping. For example, vitamin C is very important for the collagen synthesis within the skin. There are also other vitamins, minerals, and skin nutrients that can help the skin and ligaments to be in top health.
You should wear a support bra when exercising to help maintain breast firmness. Exercise regularly, at least 3 times a week and do not forget to talk to your doctor before starting any new exercise activities.
More importantly, you should remember to have a breast examination done by your doctor, at least once every year, along with monthly self breast examinations and be sure you have an annual mammography if you are 35 years or older. Firm breasts (perky breasts) won’t matter much if cancer takes its toll on them.
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