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What you should know about worm infestation and Deworming

Written By OLUSEYE AJAYI on Monday, December 31, 2012 | 9:00 AM

Worm in the intestine is a common cause of malnutrition, especially in children. It can be very dangerous and detrimental to the healthy development of your child, so it's imperative that you know these few tips to keep your kids worm-free.

Sources of worm infestation

  • Playing on infected ground bare footed
  • Refusal to take worm medicine
  • Playing on worm infested sand
  • Eating fruits without washing them
  • Eating of improperly cooked meat
  • Not washing hands after use of toilet
  • Plucking vegetables from the farm/market and cooking whthout washing

Consequences of worm infestation
  • Unhealthy looking child
  • Mentally dull child in school
  • Malnourished child
  • Constant loss of appetite

Advantages of deworming
  • A happy child that is not sickly
  • A very brilliant child in clap
  • A well fed and healthy child
  • Good appetite
  • Happy and cheerful pregnancy

It is recommended that children from 12 months old as well as adults should be de-wormed every 6 months for optimal health.

There are a number of over-the-counter worm expeller available in pharmacies near you, just walk-in and ask for one, and if in doubt or you want a professional touch to it, talk to your doctor.
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